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JAL hairdresser

Balayage package 

JAL Hair Team enjoying & experienced Balayage style. This offer included full highlight + Full Toner + Fancy Blow-Dry for any hair length .

T&C : hair protection & cut available at salon with extra cost , very very long long long hair will be charged extra. From scalp to ends full highlight style not available with this offer, it needs more time so please call us to arrange your service time and total cost. 

Balayage special 

Balayage package -

                                      4Hours Package 

$320.00 "

"Balayage Package - 

                                   6~7Hours package 


Online Booking 

Simple & Easy 24/7

(Please choose "Cut" option, even if you just need colour,

 otherwise system show you wrong schedule, Thank you.)

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